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Parcels and Lots

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We have accumulated a lot of parcels over the years from which we select gems for our "Specials" page. This month we are listing a number of these parcels at close out prices, many below cost. We hope you find some that meet your interests or needs.
17421 Demantoid Garnets (6),
Md Yellowish Green, 1.08 cts round brilliant cuts measuring 3.2 to 3.6 mm in diameter, eye clean, from Madagascar. We have tried to stay away from acquiring lots of gems, however, this lot of demantoid garnets caught our eye for the fine color, clarity, and cut. We do have additional gems in this lot if you are interested.
Priced at $100/carat or $108.00/lot of gems
17984 Demantoid Garnets (34),
Md Greenish Yellow, 4.00 cts round brilliant cuts, various sizes, eye clean. from Madagascar. A fine lot of well cut and colorful demantoid garnets for accents.
Priced at $100/carat or $400.00/lot of gems
17758 Diopsides (11),
Lt Green, 11.29 cts various cuts and sizes, eye clean/lt incl, from Sri Lanka. This lot has been around for some time. Each gem is a light green. Some have a little haze or needles while some are clean. All are well cut and useable.
Priced at $44.00/lot of gems
4636 Pyroalmandite Garnets (xxx),
Md Dk Orangish Red, 37.15 cts marquise cuts, mixed sizes, eye clean, from Sri Lanka. A mixed lot of calibrated marquise garnets offered again at below cutting costs.
Priced at $70.00/lot of gems
18286 Rhodolite Garnets (24),
Pinks and Reds, 14.71 cts round flower brilliants measuring approximately 5.0 mm in diameter each, eye clean, from Sri Lanka. This is a very fine lot of 1/2 carat size rhodolites of mixed pink and red colors.
Priced at $10/carat or $147.20/lot of gems