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Color Change Gems

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Color Change Gems  
7435 Alexandrite,
Md Green/Pink, 3.54 cts oval cut measuring 9.2x8.3x5.6 mm, v lt incl, from Tanzania. This is an exceptional alexandrite and is the one we use to display the color change these gems exhibit when we are doing shows. A small patch of silk is present to indicate the natural origin of this gem.
Priced at $4,000/carat or $14,160.00/gem
11267 Alexandrite,
Md Yellowish Green/Pink, 2.25 cts oval cut measuring 7.5x6.5x6.0 mm, v lt incl, from Madagascar. Another fine alexandrite that exhibits a strong color change. This gem displays a little more yellow in daylight with a change to a strong pink under incandescent light.
Priced at $2.500/carat or $5,625.00/gem
2196 Pyrospessartite Garnet C.C.,
Md Brownish Green/Orangish Red, 3.04 cts freeform oval cut measuring 10.4x8.2x3.6 mm, lt incl, from Sri Lanka. This color change garnet was mined in Sri Lanka long before the discoveries of other color change garnet deposits in Kenya, Tanzania, and Madagascar. The color change is quite strong in a gem that was native cut to recover as much weight as possible.
Priced at $400/carat or $1,216.00/gem



Gallery of Additional Available Color Change Gems
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18691 Alexandrite,
Md Dk Yellowish Green/Reddish Pink, 1.69 cts cushion cut measuring 6.5x5.4x5.0 mm, v lt incl, from Madagascar. A very fine gem with a strong color change.
Priced at $2,400/carat or $4,056.00/gem
18773 Pyrospessartite Garnet C.C.,
Md Dk Greenish Brown/Red, 5.15 cts oval cut measuring 11.0x8.0x6.0 mm, v lt incl, from Madagascar. This is a very rare size for a color change garnet that displays such a strong color change.
Priced at $1,200/carat or $6,180.00/gem

18170 Pyrospessartite Garnet C.C.,
Dk Blue/Intense Magenta, 1.41 cts cushion cut measuring 6.4x4.5x4.1 mm, lt incl, from Tanzania. We offered this gem awhile back and sold it to a customer in California who could not see the color change because lighting regulations no longer allow incandescent lighting. We still feel it displays one of the strongest color changes we have seen in a garnet and the blue daylight color is very unusual for a garnet. Priced at $800/carat or $1,128.00/gem

18214 Pyrospessartite Garnet C.C.,
Md Dk Blue/Magenta, 1.03 cts oval cut measuring 6.5x5.0x3.5 mm, mod incl, from Tanzania. A blue to magenta color change garnet. Blue is a very rare color for garnets and have only been found in pyrospessartites during the past 20 years.
Priced at $400/carat or $412.00/gem
5838 Pyrospessartite Garnet C.C.,
Md Dk Grayish Blue/Reddish Pink, 1.14 cts emerald cut measuring 7.2x5.2x2.6 mm, v lt incl, from Sri Lanka. Some of the first color change garnets were discovered in Sri Lanka which then were overshadowed by color change garnet from Tanzania and Madagascar. This is one of the earlier color change garnets that was mined in the early 1990's.
Priced at $200/carat or $228.00/gem
6242 Pyrospessartite Garnet C.C.,
Md Dk Grayish Green/Purplish Pink, 1.44 cts oval cut measuring 7.5x6.0x4.0 mm, v lt incl, from Sri Lanka. A fine color change garnet from the discoveries in Sri Lanka during the early 1990’s.
Priced at $200/carat or $288.00/gem
5747 Pyrospessartite Garnet C.C.,
Md Dk Blue Gray/Purplish Red, 0.37 cts oval cut measuring 4.9x3.5x2.6 mm, v lt incl, from Sri Lanka. This gem comes from a very old lot that was acquired long before the discoveries in Madagascar, Kenya, and Tanzania. It displays a very bland bluish gray under daylight changing to a strong purplish red under incandescent light.
Priced at $300/carat or $111.00/gem
17675 Tourmaline, Chrome C.C.,
V Dk Green/Red, 0.95 cts round flower brilliant cut measuring 6.6x3.7 mm, mod incl, from Brazil. This rare variety of tourmaline displays a strong color change that unfortunately is too dark in tone or would otherwise rival alexandrite in strength of change. This gem has moderate inclusions.
Priced at $100/carat or $95.00/gem
18410 Tourmaline, Chrome C.C.,
Dk Green/Red, 0.79 cts emerald brilliant cut measuring 6.1x4.9x3.5 mm, eye clean, from Brazil. An interesting gem that displays a very strong color change from dark chrome green to red.
Priced at $200/carat or $158.00/gem